Top Picks

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

A classic. This is a must read for business people and aspiring leaders.
It’s not enough to just lead, sometimes you need to change the context of the situation in order to function forward and keep communication open.

Creativity, Inc

Yup, that’s Buzz Light year performing in the foreground. Learn some of the secrets to creativity which gave birth to many Pixar stories and films. When you feel stuck sometimes, at it takes is a bit of creative thinking in order to get something going.

The Secret

I’ve you’ve read Think And Grow Rich, perhaps you’re familiar with this one. The Secret lies on our deep and burning desires to see what it is that we wish for to come fruit and happen. Our minds are broadcasting stations sending out signals into the universe of what we want. It a matter of thinking and broadcasting those desires to have them come to us.